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School Partnerships - Youth and Seniors


The Saskatoon Council on Aging partners with various high schools in the city for the Seniors Tech Buddy program.

This program features youth teaching older adults how to use their tablets, laptops or other devices. Our high school partners include Holy Cross and Bethlehem High School. Older adults learn technology skills to increase their independence and students' experiences are enriched by their interactions with seniors. The project provides opportunities for older adults and students to learn from each other, increase intergenerational understanding and reduce ageism.

Seniors Tech Buddy

Past Partnerships

Partnerships in Education is a relationship linking an organization with a Catholic school. The Saskatoon Council on Aging (SCOA) entered into a partnership with Bishop Klein school in the fall of 2000 and made this partnership official on October 25th, 2001 during a partnership signing ceremony and liturgy. There has been many joint ventures including an inter-generational cookbook entitled "Cooking Through the Ages". Bishop Klein students have provided artwork for display in the Council on Aging office. SCOA provided Bishop Klein students with hand-knitted mittens for the winter months and guest visitors for our pioneer theme activities.

At "Spotlight on Seniors" in October at TCU Place students from Bishop Klein assist in several ways.  They operated the coat check and ran errands.  They gave special attention to members of the Century Club who were honoured guests. The Bishop Klein school choir has entertained at Century Club events and they have hosted Century Club teas at the school.


SCOA extends our sincere appreciation to Bishop Klein for a long and successful partnership.